Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekending-What I've learned this week (and some good blogs to read)

When you have children time seems to move much faster!  Today is my daughter's birthday.  It seems like we just celebrated her younger brother's birthday and Father's day.  And did I mention there was a wedding in the midst of all of this?!  As of tomorrow my oldest step-daughter will celebrate her one week anniversary!  The rest of the summer shows no indication of slowing down!  I've also discovered that a mild but extended fibro flare is far more exhausting than a short intense fibro flare!  I will survive but I sure would love to get a pain free night of sleep!  There but by the grace of God go I...

Second, I have discovered that I have more readers of this blog than just my daughter!  Thank you to all who have chosen to stop by and listen to my stories!  I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you feel free to comment on the blog!

Along the blog line I have discovered that the top 3 blog posts on my blog are:

 Deep Spirited Friends
What Are You Being Asked to Do?
The Future is Bright Thanks to the Millennium Generation

I've also learned the importance of double-checking the spell check because it is a bit quirky!

Last, I've read some great blog pieces this week from around the Methoblogsphere!  I think you will enjoy reading them!

Robert McDowell at Nikos posted a great video with his blog post
"A New Country and Methodism"
John Meunier wrote a really great piece about what churches can learn from diners
Chicken and Dumplings
My dear friend Ann wrote a wonderful piece after reading one of my blog posts
The Web of Exchange
I really enjoyed this piece from Jon at Caffeinated God Talk about an experience he had as a youth minister Redemptive Empowerment
Last, but not least, Dan Dick tells a modern day parable about our obsession with numbers
An Unlucky Parable

Have a blessed wonderful weekend everyone!  Remember to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy and also remember those who serve in order to protect our freedom!

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