Monday, October 17, 2011

The Boys of Summer Bring it Home to St. Louis!

As a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate my team for making it to the World Series!  Congratulations!  I'm looking forward to game one on Wednesday!

My husband, the ever eternal optimist, kept reminding me in August that "statistically" we had not been eliminated from the wild card berth.  I did not hold my breath.  But the Cardinals reminded us all that they play at their very best when their back is against the wall!  And lo and behold-we made the wild card!

That was nice, but I didn't think we would beat Philly!  They are a great team, a tough team!  The Cardinals surprised me yet again!  Maybe, just maybe we could do this and go all the way.  But we were facing one of the toughest teams out there-the Brewers!  They had played well all year and thanks to their help, the National League ended up with home field advantage for the world series!  They have a great team and they had their mojo going all season long!  But like I said, the Cardinals are at their best when their back is against the wall.  All of our guys hit the ball, and our bullpen pitched extremely well!  The boys of summer are bringing it home!  We're going to the world series!

I'm waiting for some intrepid entrepreneur to make a flying rally squirrel T-shirt with the banner "Hap-pee Flight!  Hap-pee Flight" on it!

Cardinal Nation hear us roar!  Hap-pee flight!  Hap-pee flight!

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