Friday, October 7, 2011

Lord, Give me Strength to be Gracious!

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?  I say "the sky is blue."  The next person points out to me that actually, there are shades of gray.  In other words, no matter what I say, it is never right and the other person must go out of their way to correct my "error".  I can say something positive, and they will do their very best to tear it apart.  And it takes every fiber in my being to bite my tongue!  Is it really that hard to just say it's going to be a nice day?  Would it be the end of the world if, just for once, instead of saying something negative, something positive comes out of your mouth?

Logically, I know that the second greatest command is "love your neighbor as yourself", which means being gracious.  I'm having a hard time with that one as of late!  Wanting to reply back in a snarky manner is overwhelming!  I want to ask "do you engage your brain before you open your mouth or do you just like hearing yourself talk?"  I think it, I oh so desperately want to say it, but I don't, because in the whole scheme of things I know that it's not nice and it won't help further the conversation!

Needless to say, my prayer as of late is "Lord, give me the strength to be gracious" because right now I am feeling anything but gracious!  I'm feeling cranky!  Forgive me Lord, but it's true!  The favored definition of insanity these days is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  That's what is going on, and I see it!  Do you confront that reality head on or do you try to be gracious and gently turn the direction?  Personally, I favor the gentle approach.  It doesn't seem to be working!

Forgive me my crankiness Lord and give me strength, patience and wisdom to be gracious even on days like this!  It's a beautiful day!  The sky is blue, the leaves are turning, the breeze is gentle!  I will rejoice and be glad!  I'll acknowledge the gray and say "yup, it's a bit hazy!"   Mama said some days would be like this, I just didn't realize that there would be so many in a row!  Lord oh Lord, give me strength!

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