Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good Question from a Fellow Blogger

I have a very sick child today so no blogging for me!  We'll be heading out for Urgent Care pretty soon.

So today, I am going to share a link with you to a blog post by my long distance friend and fellow blogger David.  He asks a very good question that it is well worth thinking about!

How do you do "church"?


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  1. Some of the Catholic blogs discuss this as well. I find the actual church service difficult to concentrate in. For me this is a regular mass, not the Traditional Latin mass, and our church is very small, no room to distance yourself. I see parents allowing their children to walk around the church, roll on the floor in the aisle, run back and forth between front and rear pews to visit with someone, talk loudly, play, even eat McDonalds! It's constant. I hear cell phones- and sometimes people even answer them during the service rather than turning them off. Now I understand emergency calls for firemen, paramedics, hospital workers, etc. For regular folks, leave it in the car or at least put it on vibrate. It seems there is no respect for where they are anymore. Or maybe I'm just getting older and cranky.