Friday, August 26, 2011

Risk Anyone?

I'm not talking about the board game!  Today my thoughts turn towards those who are in the path of Hurricane Irene and the risks they face by "riding out the storm".  I have a lot of friends in the path of this storm and it has been interesting to see how they are choosing to react.  Some are taking the threat seriously and preparing for the worst or getting out of the way.  Some find the whole thing a fascinating abstract discussion and think that nothing bad will happen to them anyway, so why bother?

That's the way of life isn't it?  Some heed the warnings and some go about their business and, if they are lucky, come out on the other side unscathed.  Some though, are not so lucky.  The story of Noah comes to mind as an example of this point!

Sometimes in life it's worth taking a risk.  Like choosing to go back to school or asking for a raise.  The worst thing that could happen is you'll fail a class or your boss says no to your request.  Individuals in the military know that they are being asked to risk their lives for their country.  Yet, they are willing to do that because they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  But even in this situation, every and all precaution is taken to minimize the risk by wearing body armor, driving in armored vehicles and being thoroughly trained in how to react to a threatening situation.  Storm chasers may go out and catch tornadoes on film but they make sure they plan their route so they do not end up directly in the path of an approaching tornado.  They do exercise a modicum of common sense!

I pray that people heed the warnings and do what they need to do to stay safe!  But I know that there will be some who risk life and limb simply to experience the full fury of a hurricane.  And I have to ask, is it really worth the risk?  Is the thrill really so important?    If you risk your life and get in to trouble than someone else has to risk their life to help you.  Do you really want to put someone else in harms way?  I live in tornado country.  Believe me when I say that folks who have experienced a tornado first hand wouldn't do so again!  Things can be replaced.  Lives can not.

When is a risk worth taking?  My answer would be when you have a very good reason for taking a risk.  Otherwise you're on a fools errand.  Common sense is a gift.  Feel free to use it!

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