Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekending-Busy times and Introducing a Very Special Blogger

It's Saturday evening and normally I have the weekend blog up long before now!  Life has been crazy busy this week between school starting and my son's birthday and my daughter's visit!  Did I mention that we were trying to re-build parts of my daughter's Jeep so she could drive it back to base with her?  My dining room table turned in to a work table this morning due to the severe thunderstorms that rolled through first thing!  Long story short, we managed to finish her Jeep and she left four hours later than she planned but she is on her way back to base!  Meanwhile, mama is saying a prayer and keeping the cell phone handy until I know she is safely and soundly back at base!  That little fact could make Sunday morning worship service an interesting experience indeed!

While I'm waiting for that phone call, let me introduce you to a very special blogger that I had the pleausre of discovering this week.  Her name is Ella, and she is the daughter of my high school friend Lisa.  Ella is a wonderful reminder of why we should listen to what our children have to say!  Read her comparison between Dr. Suess' story of the Lorax and the gulf oil spill and you'll understand what I mean!  Our children do listen, they do see and they do have opinions and we adults need to be reminded of that fact once in awhile!  So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Ella and her wonderful blog!  Check it out!

Lorax-How You Can Help

Here are a few other good reads from this week as well:

Jedi Pastor Ken's thoughts on the latest and greatest Christian Leadership Books.  He'd rather spend time with his dog and I whole heartedly agree!

Enough with Christian Leadership Books!

Allan R. Bevere wrote a great piece on arguments based on silence and why they are not such a good idea.  Some people may disagree with him but I think what he had to say, particularly in regards to using this argument when discussing scriputre is very relevant!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Pants, No Service

And finally, Mike Lindstrom wrote a piece this week  asking where is the accountability for churches, not just pastors in the latest greatest proposed system.  As a lay person, I share Mike's concern and it is a question that I think we all need to think seriously about!

Too Much Power to the People?

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!  And forgive my tardiness in getting this posted!  It's just been that kind of a day and it's not over with yet!  Once a mama, always a mama and I'll be up until I get that phone call!  Take care!

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