Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, I'm back from Vermont.  Dad's memorial service was beautiful and seeing family and friends who I hadn't seen in years was just awesome! 

I had actually planned on blogging while I was up in Vermont.  Packed the laptop and the portable Internet box and away we went.  Of course, you need a cell phone tower nearby to make it work.  There is one near Harvey Lake, brand spanking new as a matter of fact, has electricity to it and everything.  They just haven't turned it on yet!  It wasn't a question of not having enough bars on the cell, there were no bars to be had in the first place!

So I have lots to talk about this week but I need to unpack first!  We got home last night around 8ish and discovered an oven for a house.  The air conditioning had quit working.  The furnace was blowing hot air, not a window was open.  One small fan was running and the dogs were inside the house.  They are all okay, the cat is okay, every window in the house is open and we have as many fans running as we could lay our hands on!  Kenny's project for today-fix the AC AGAIN!  Me, unpacking and laundry and cleaning up after the dog romps through the house (no nasty stuff they just tore into the paper trash and ripped it into iddy biddy pieces).  All of this I need to do knowing that by noon today the temp is supposed to be somewhere around 96 with a heat index by the end of the day around 105.  And to add joy to all of this-the heat warning has been extended to Wednesday afternoon! 

Yeah, quite the welcome home.  Sigh...yup mama said there'd be days like this.  Think I'll daydream about Harvey Lake.

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